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How does my boyfriend have the want to lie

I’ve been dating a person a years that are few than We for the passed away four months. He could be really outbound, wants to work, and fulfill people that are new. My buddies enjoy his company, that will be really unusual.

Besides intercourse, all we appear to do is argue within the littlest things. He’ll either get upset beside me for obtuse reasons or I’ll mention one thing he is uncomfortable speaking about that leads towards the arguments.

My boyfriend compulsively lies in regards to the most feebleminded things. Such as things he claims to own achieved in the life and folks he knew. Their buddies, household, and girlfriends that victoria hearts are prior how he could be.

When, I’ve really convinced him to confess their distortion associated with the truth nevertheless now he denies a number of the plain things he confessed to. Also though he purchases me things and treats me personally like a female, he constantly seems the requirement to exaggerate the reality.

How come he feel the should lie to some body he claims to there love and is anyhow to speak with him about these exact things without making him upset and walk away?


In the first place, compulsive lying, like any other addicting behavior, is worthwhile. For compulsive liars, lying feels good; it gives feeling of convenience and pleasure (see compulsive lying).

And like most other addicting behavior, addicts deny the behavior at issue or that it’s problematic. This not enough self-awareness, or not enough acceptance, allows for the addicting behavior to continue. But your boyfriend’s inability to acknowledge the situation additionally helps it be more challenging to eliminate. Continue reading How does my boyfriend have the want to lie