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Benefits of Moringa and its Products

91dade_756962ce6a484b75b1ca098f3d610230At Skin Care by Maringa® we take pride in knowing that our Maringa® Farm manufacturer crafts only scientifically proven recipes made with the highest quality Australian organic certified ingredients, this ensures we can deliver a range of skin care products that surpass current competitor products on the market today.

Having exclusive licensing ties with Maringa® Farm, ensures that our products have a higher concentration of Moringa Oleifera Oil. In Europe the standard for approved products are as follows: the ingredients list is ordered from highest to lowest concentrations from left to right, and by comparing our competitor’s ingredients to our product, one can quickly see that we have less ingredients and a higher concentration of the active anti-aging beneficial healing ingredients. This places our products in a superior position in the market and on your cosmetic shelf; they are able to help you with a wide range of skin concerns using all-natural ingredients.

All of our products are laboratory tested by Natural Thinking in the United Kingdom to EU standards and we have very well documented cosmetic product safety reports and accelerated stability test reports.

Our Moringa is almost entirely organic, leading to a range of benefits

Over 90% of our ingredients from the entire product range are Organic Natural Ingredients. We grow our own ingredients and take care to produce the best quality materials possible. Our farm is one of the most comprehensive estates in the southern hemisphere, capable of producing large amounts of exceptional skin care ingredients with ease.

We are registered in the EU register CPMP in Brussels.

Essentially, each of our products have scientific reports and registrations that prove we provide the best Moringa products in the world. There is a reason many of our customers can’t get enough of our skin care products; see why it is that we have thousands of happy customers around the world.

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